• Devanshi Patel

The universe is full of surprises and miracles...

It may take months or years but what’s meant for you will always find its way to you. It may take a lot of patience, a lot of overcoming challenges, a lot of moments of despair and a lot of heartbreaks, but what’s meant for you will always be worth the wait. It will make the painful years a little easier to swallow. It will make the journey a little sweeter to look back on. Every challenge, every heartbreak, every setback is meant to get us closer to what’s truly meant for us because the universe doesn’t make us suffer for no good reason. The universe doesn’t take away blessings from us unless it’s not going to bless us in the future. While we may never know why the universe does things a certain way or why it chooses to teach us some hard lessons, we have to believe that it’s all part of a bigger plan. We may not see or understand the whole picture now, but when it’s done, we will understand that every stroke had a purpose, we’ll see how every little dot came together to create something meaningful, something worth looking at, something worth remembering. It may take a while but what’s meant for you will not mistakenly be given to someone else. And I think that’s the beauty of faith, knowing that after everything you’ve been through, there will be a reward. Whether it’s what you wished for or something better. Whether it’s what you’ve been waiting for or something beyond your wildest dreams. The universe is full of surprises and miracles. Maybe the timing doesn’t always align with ours and maybe the plans for us are nothing like the ones we planned for ourselves but it’s reassuring to know that at the end of it all, what’s meant for us will be ours, maybe we’ll stumble upon it, maybe it will require us to fight a few more battles, but it helps to know that once everything falls into place, what’s meant for us will not be taken away from us. What’s meant for us will always stay, despite all challenges, despite all difficulties and despite all opposition.


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